Let’s see how to install jedi-vim plugin for python in termux. It’s a cool plugin for pythonic guys.


The Jedi library understands most of Python’s core features. From decorators to generators, there is broad support.

Apart from that, jedi-vim supports the following commands

  • Completion <C-Space>
  • Goto assignment <leader>g (typical goto function)
  • Goto definition <leader>d (follow identifier as far as possible, includes imports and statements)
  • Goto (typing) stub <leader>s
  • Show Documentation/Pydoc K (shows a popup with assignments)
  • Renaming <leader>r
  • Usages <leader>n (shows all the usages of a name)
  • Open module, e.g. :Pyimport os (opens the os module)

Requirements :

  • Vim-Plug ( Click here )
  • Package vim-python ( apt install vim-python )

Steps :

  • Open/Create .vimrc file like this vim ~/.vimrc and edit your .vimrc file like below

  • After editing & saving .vimrc file, open your vim by simple command vim
  • Then type :PlugInstall

  • Now hit ENTER and you will see something like this

  • After all done you can safely exit from vim as usual.
  • Now you are ready to go, just create your python script and Enjoy :)