If you have some smali files & want to convert it into single dex then you can use smali program written by JesusFreke.

I will convert smali to dex in my termux.

Steps :

  1. Download smali program
    wget https://github.com/JesusFreke/smali/releases/download/v2.0b6/smali-2.0b6.jar
  2. Now let’s say i have a smali file with name Test.smali then
    # Output will be saved as out.dex in current directory
    java -jar smali-2.0b6.jar Test.smali
  3. If you have multiple smali files then put all together in a single folder ( let’s folder name is smali_folder ) then
    java -jar smali-2.0b6.jar smali_folder