Let’s install VSCode in our termux.


  • Stable internet
  • Debian With XFCE desktop Click here

Downloding VSCode deb file

  • login into debian

      proot-distro login debian
  • download vscode (aarch64 or arm64)

      wget https://gitlab.com/Hax4us/dumbrepo/-/raw/master/vscode/code_1.63.2-1639561157_arm64.deb

    for armhf or arm

      wget https://gitlab.com/Hax4us/dumbrepo/-/raw/master/vscode/code_1.63.2-1639561157_arm.deb
  • unpack deb (don’t forget to change arm64 with arm if you have arm 32bit device)

      dpkg-deb -R code_1.63.2-1639561157_arm64.deb code
  • copy into /usr/share

      cp -a code/usr/share/* /usr/share/
  • Now you can see VSCode in Applications


  • Always use VNC Viewer inbuilt backspace key instead of your keyboard’s backspace key.

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